onsdag 18 maj 2011

What is a Princess Allowed to Say? About CO2 and Great Transformation?

Crown Princess Victoria of the Kingdom of Sweden stated in her presentation at the 3rd Nobel Laureate Symposium on Global Sustainability organized by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences:
  • Burdens must be shared by everyone (including masses of poor people).
  • Wind turbines, solar connectors, panels and geothermal energy, why is it that countries are using soo little of renewable energy sources despite having the knowledge and technique?
  • We can and must change our life styles and the manner in which we use energy.
  • What are we waiting for? The work has to start here and now.
  • The world succeeded to come together and decide upon removal of freons.
  • To succeed we need to reconnect humanity with the biosphere.
  • This is no small task. I see no better persons though than Nobel Laurates to carry this critical message to the world:
  • The need for a Great Transformation.
  • Our generation has the knowledge and ability to create a sustainable world for future generations.
The presentation poses the following questions
  • Does the Princess make political statements?
  • Is the Princess allowed to make political statements?
  • Is the Princess allowed to advocate specific techniques for generating energy?
  • Is the Royal Swedish Academy influenced by Royals?
Any answers? See also my Newsmill article about biased jury.

The Princess speaks the same words as Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, main organizer and ideolog of the symposium, according to New York Times known for his "aggressive stance on climate policy":
  1. Earth’s population could be devastated by buildup of greenhouse gases.
  2. In a very cynical way, it’s a triumph for science because at last we have stabilized something –- namely the estimates for the carrying capacity of the planet, namely below 1 billion people.
Does the Princess understand what she is saying?

PS1 The verdict of the Jury of Nobel Laurates of the Symposium is expressed in the Stockholm-Memorandum:
  • Humans are now the most significant driver of global change, propelling the planet into a new geological epoch, the Anthropocene.
  • Our call is for fundamental transformation and innovation in all spheres and at all scales in order to stop and reverse global environmental change.
  • Greatly increase access to reproductive health services... reduce birth rates.
  • Introduce strict resource efficiency standards
  • Launch a major research initiative on the earth system.
  • Scale up our education efforts to increase scientific literacy.
This is nothing but A New Brave World......but is there place for a Princess in this New Brave World? A resource efficient renewable Princess?

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  1. Hilarious. Instead of explaining to ordinary scientists the evidence for any greenhouse effect they invoke the authority of some retired nobel laureates. Just like in commericals: Murray Gell-Mann believes (or want to believe) in AGW so you had better believe in it too.

  2. I see that she studied Political science. Maybe that is why she is backing the establishment but I do not know if that will endear her to the public. In UK the public do not think much of Prince Charles and hope the Queen lasts long enough to hand over to William.
    I note that Princess Mary in Denmark has some real qualifications and her father was a Professor of Mathematics. One would hope that she has a better understanding particularly as her brother is a geologist who would understand "Climate Change"
    keep strong cementafriend

  3. We shouldn't allow the Royal Family to meddle in politics. These guys are being used in order to implement a nasty political agenda.

    This needs to be exposed!

    A good start is to spread the word about this video, where Schellnhuber, Rockström, Wijkman and the whole gang of eco-fascists get carefully examined outside the Royal Swedish Academy:


    (And Victoria gets to hear it too, that she shouldn't use her position for political dirty games!)