måndag 16 maj 2011

Self-publishing on Google Books?

I have published the following new books of mine on Google Books as fullview with free PDF download:
The idea is to compare direct publishing on Google Books with self-publishing on e.g. Amazon CreateSpace, or to conventional publishing through an established publisher as ebook or printed book.

It appears that Amazon CreateSpace requires conversion of pdf to a different ebook format, which is not automatic and tricky if math formulas are involved. Maybe somebody has some good advice to give.

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  1. I published books through CreateSpace in 2008, and they accepted pdf then. You just needed to create the pdf with all fonts embedded, and I used the "pre-press" quality option (in Ghostview or OpenOffice). The only "tricky" part I encountered was in the front and back book cover (all one complex and high resolution image), but its creation was only tedious, not hard (I just used the MS Windows Paint program), since they walked you through it with downloadable instructions. Of course, I had a lot of experience with images in making my book, "The End of the Mystery", which has over 200 color illustrations, most of them taken from my own interactive graphical software, UrMaps, which I developed for my research into the ancient mysteries (myths, religions, megalithic monuments, etc.), with unprecedented and epochal results for science.

    It is good that you are offering free full download with google books; their online reader is a pain that I avoid.