tisdag 30 november 2010

First Review of Slaying the Sky Dragon on Amazon

The first review of the new book Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Effect (climbing rapidly on Amazon) is positive:
  • This book leaves the reader in no doubt that those who subscribe to the IPCC's global warming consensus have been well and truly conned. The authors have presented their points in a readily understandable manner, backed with superb reference links. The points presented by the authors are not just very persuasive but, in many instances, they also appear to be conclusive. Readers may find it challenging to appreciate the mathematics and physics expressed by some authors, but nevertheless, somehow the authors do get their points across. Many books have been written about climate change and global warming but this book puts together the key elements that get to the heart of the issue. This book will surely be a best seller.
At the same time there is a media storm in Sweden triggered by the Royal Institute of Technology KTH about the new ebook-version of BodyandSoul: Mathematical Simulation Technology (can be down-loaded from my home page), parts of which are used in a course in numerical methods at KTH (where I do not act as teacher).

The reason presented to the media by KTH, is that the book contains some mathematical analysis of models of thermodynamics and radiation used in climate simulation, which is claimed to be unacceptable. But math is math and so I don't know how to handle this situation,
other than throwing the formulas into the waste basket. What else to do with unacceptable mathematics?

The true reason, however, is that the book presents a new mathematics education for the IT-age, which also appears to be unacceptable at KTH. Again I don't know how to please the critics. I use to say that it is not my fault that the computer changes the scene, but it does not help much.

The second review is even better:

THIS BOOK IS NOT MERELY for academics.
THIS BOOK IS NOT MERELY a future best seller.

This book is a series of revelations that will lead to a scientific revolution,
and destroy several presently dominant false paradigms within "science" itself.

This book WILL change UNDERSTANDABLY almost everything you have ever been told regarding the planets, physics and climate.

Problems that Einstein took to his deathbed (and many still struggle with to this day) are openly treated afresh.

This is not merely a leap forward, it represents the first publication of concise understandable descriptions of how the prevailing paradigms in Climate science, physics, and astronomy will have to change.

The ramifications of the contents of this book are almost beyond comprehension by anyone,
yet those same contents are explained so well as to be easily understood by everyone.

Present climate science is not science. The word science is from the Latin word for "the truth" (I will add to the best of our understanding at present).

You will know and understand why the present climate (pseudo)science is NOT the truth when you have read this book.

If you think this review is a bit OTT, then leave your own review AFTER reading the book.

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  1. Have downloaded the E-book and read Claes' two chapters. Need to come to grips with the mathematics but generally agree with the concepts. I have used some of concepts with lapse rate myself in a presentation.
    John O'Sullivan's chapter 22- Legal Fallout from False Climate Alarm should be compulsory reading for all governments.
    I hope it will be a best seller which will make more people read it.
    Best Wishes.