måndag 1 februari 2010

Mathematical Simulation Technology: Body&Soul

I am preparing the following text for the new Bachelors program in Simulation Technology at KTH:
which consists of the following basic parts:
  1. Icarus and Daedalus
  2. Newton's World of Mechanics
  3. World of Games
  4. Leibniz' World of Mathematics
  5. Tool Bags
  6. World of Differential Equations
  7. World of Finite Elements
  8. World of Applications
combined with the following parts serving as a unified source of material for more detailed studies (with 1-11 embedded in the above main document):
  1. Derivatives and Geometry in R3: Body&Soul Vol I
  2. Integrals and Geometry in Rn: Body&Soul Vol II
  3. Calculus of Several Variables: Body&Soul Vol III
  4. Computational Differential Equations
  5. The Mathematical Secret of Flight
  6. The Secret of Thermodynamics
  7. Mathematical Theory of Flight
  8. Mathematical Theory of Sailing
  9. The Clock and the Arrow: A Brief History of Time
  10. Mathematical Relativity and Quantum Mechanics
  11. Mathematical Blackbody Radiation.
  12. Computational Turbulent Incompressible Flow: Body&Soul Vol IV

The text is complemented by interactive Sessions covering basic mathematical tools, prototypes of simulation software and computer games, and short videos introducing key concepts 

The student is encouraged to create his/her own web-based version of Mathematical Simulation Technology with text, picture, movie and sound in simulation and presentation.

Here is a demo of the first chapter with movies of simulations and introductory lecture
by Tutor (2 min) embedded into the pdf. Maybe it is necessary to download the file to see
the movies.

A simplified version for high-school will also be prepared and to be tested at Kunskapsskolan in the Spring.

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