lördag 10 april 2021

Real Quantum Mechanics

Real Quantum Mechanics RealQM offers a new model of atoms and molecules as a classical continuum mechanical model as a system of non-overlapping one-electron wave-functions/charge densities meeting at a Bernoulli free boundary condition with homogenous Neumann conditions from both sides combined with wave-function/charge density continuity. The distribution of electrons is determined by attractive Coulomb kernels forces and repulsive inter-electron Coulomb forces. The model describes non-radiating ground states with stationary charge distributions as well as radiating superpositions of excited states with time varying charge distributions. 

You are invited to test RealQM in basic atomistic form in a DigiMat App:

RealQM as a computable system in 3d is to be compared with the standard model in the form of a Schrödinger equation in 3N space dimension för N electrons, which is not computable for N>3. 

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