måndag 19 augusti 2019

Basic Questions Without Answers Corrupts Science

If you have a curious mind, you may have asked the following questions to a professional aerodynamicist/physicist:
  1. What is a correct explanation of the flight of an airplane or bird?
  2. What is a correct explanation of the twin paradox of the special theory of relativity?
If not, try it yourself! I have done so and met the following first response:
  • This was settled long and can be found in many books.  
When you ask for details, you get (if your are lucky) pointed to a variety of mutually contradictory explanations, each one viewed to be incorrect by some group of scientists, but no explanation which is generally agreed to be correct. Many incorrect explanations, but no correct. 

When you point this out, you are met first with frustration, then with silence. This is unfortunate because unanswered basic questions, which are swept under the carpet, fosters corrupt science.

If you are curious you find answers to the questions on this blog.

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  1. I recognize what Professor Claes Johanson describes: how established researchers answer questions about, for example, the special theory of relativity.

    There is no correct explanation for what the twin paradox is or how it works.
    The twin paradox is one of the consequences of the special theory of relativity.
    The special theory of relativity is nonsense! You can read it in my book "Special Relativity is Nonsense!

    Forgive Professor Claes Johanson! Forgive me for I write in YOUR blog about MY book!