måndag 26 augusti 2019

Einstein's Biggest Blunder: Mixing of Space into Time

Einstein "biggest scientific blunder" in his own view was the introduction of a zero-order term with coefficient $\Lambda$ named the cosmological constant in his cosmological field equations as a fix to get a stationary universe.

But an even bigger mistake/blunder was to change the view of the mixing of space into time expressed in the Lorentz transformation from that of Lorentz as a formality without true physical meaning, into a reality of space-time with space and time on equal footing in his 1905 article presenting his special theory of relativity SR to the world. Einstein took this step in sharp contradiction with the view of Leibniz with
  • space = order of coexistence
  • time = order of succession.
Einstein had a poor understanding of mathematics, which apparently allowed him to believe that just because (1d) space can be ordered along a spatial coordinate axis with space coordinate $x$ as a real number, and time can be ordered along a temporal coordinate axis with time coordinate $t$ as a real number, and the coordinate axes of real numbers for $x$ and $t$ superficially look the same, (1d) space cannot be distinguished from time. Einstein expressed this revelation as
  • Time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live.
  • Space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and only a kind union of the two will preserve an independent reality.
Einstein thereby left the physics of Leibniz with a sharp distinction between space and time, into a world of imagination without distinction and thus physics. This was Einstein's biggest mistake!

It led Einstein to work with "events" without spatial extension for which the essential aspect of coexistence had no meaning and physics was lost. In particular, it led Einstein to a special theory of relativity without physics based on a confused derivation of the Lorentz transformation incorrectly assuming that two different light pulses with spatial extension emitted in two different systems are one and the same light pulse without spatial extension.

What is so completely amazing is that Einstein's mistake of mixing space and time has become a religion for modern physicists. The twin paradox shows that this is confusing fake physics. No wonder  that modern physics is in state of deep crisis, caused by Einstein in particular.

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