tisdag 14 maj 2019

Yes, Quantum Mechanics Is Wrong

Sabine Hossenfelder on BackReaction has become a truth-teller about the state of modern physics, and now she tells the truth about quantum mechanics: It is wrong:
  • Yes, I am sorry. But I have a message for you from the depth of abstract math: We know that quantum mechanics is wrong. 
The same idea has been expressed by almost every notable physicist, including Roger Penrose:
  • Physics Is Wrong, From String Theory to Quantum Mechanics.
This is a funny situation, unprecedented in the history of science, and it has been like that for now
more than 100 years. 

A restart is obviously needed and my contribution is Real Quantum Mechanics. Take a look! And think! See also recent posts.

But Sabine Hossenfelder is a physicist and thus must seek to rescue the hopeless situation in one way or the other:
  • And whatever your misgivings are about quantum mechanics, there is no denying that it is useful.
So quantum mechanics is wrong, but it is nevertheless useful? That does not make sense. A theory which is wrong cannot be truly useful, because from something which is wrong cannot come something which is right. Only if the theory is right in some sense, can it be useful. But no physicist has any clue to what is right about quantum mechanics, only what is wrong!

Sabine Hossenfelder resorts to the common trick of referring to yet a more incomprehensible theory in the form of Quantum Field Theory, when basic Quantum Theory is questioned. This was used by
Einstein when he increased the bet to general relativity when his special theory of relativity was questioned on most rational grounds. This 

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