torsdag 16 maj 2019

Why Does a Modern Physicist Buy the CO2 Global Warming Hysteria?

Sabine Hossenfelder on BackReaction claims herself to be a physicist, yet it seems as if she without
thinking buys the CO2 Global Warming Hysteria:
  • Climate Change: There are no simple solutions.
  • The Earth is warming. Human carbon-dioxide emissions are one of the major culprits. We have known this for a long time. But in the past two decades, evidence for global warming has become more noticeable on local levels, as with seasonal shifts, extreme weather events, declines in biodiversity and, depending on where you live, droughts. And it will get worse.
She does not acknowledge that there are many knowledgeable physicists who do not buy this story, because it has no support in known laws of physics, including Dyson, Happer, Singer and many more. 

So how can it be that she jumps on the climate alarmist wagon? I have asked her, but she does want not to communicate with me, so I have to guess: Is it because of a monumental confusion concerning quantum mechanics, which makes it impossible for a modern physicist to grasp even basic physics of the climate system of the Earth, and what does that then say about modern physics?

PS To get perspective listen to Hearing of the House Committee on Natural Resources May 22.

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