onsdag 7 november 2018

New Alarm: Light Bulbs Causing Dangerous Global Warming!

To the old alarm of global warming by CO2 emissions from burning of fossil fuel is now added a new alarm from the emission of light from light bulbs, issued by group of concerned climate scientists supported by UN.  Above is a map showing the light emitted by light bulbs during night over Europe. You see that there is a lot!

Basic physics tells according to the scientists that the light from light bulbs is reflected back from space onto the surface of the Earth with warming effect which is 100 times more intense than that 
from CO2. 

Immediate steps have been taken by the Swedish government to initiate a total reconstruction of Sweden into light-free society in a process to be completed by 2030. By a successive reduction by 50% per year of the energy spent on illuminating light bulbs, a completely dark society can become reality in so little as 10 years, says concerned politicians determined to do something: With this action Sweden will take the lead in a global transformation into a light-free world.  Of course that includes the light emitted by mobile and laptop screens. Sorry.

To survive the long dark winters in Sweden, light from burning wood in open fireplaces will be admitted during a period of transformation. On the other hand, in Summer time Sweden, in particular above the Polar Circle, will have an advantage of full light though the night which will give a much wanted boost to Swedish industry. It will also give Africa as an already dark continent an advantage.

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