måndag 4 juni 2018

Time for Real Quantum Mechanics

The new book What Is Real?: The Unfinished Quest for the Meaning of Quantum Physics by Adam Becker, is reviewed by Tim Maudlin in Boston Review under the title The Defeat of Reason with the following summary in the words of Imre Lakatos:
  • After 1925 Bohr and his associates introduced a new and unprecedented lowering of critical standards for scientific theories. This led to a defeat of reason within modern physics and to an anarchist cult of incomprehensible chaos.
Yes, this is also my impression that quantum mechanics in the standard commonly accepted text book Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics, is incomprehensible chaos, and that the alternatives suggested by Bohm, Everett and Bell have not reached any common acceptance at all.

The incomprehensible chaos is handled by a strategy of "shut up and calculate", which does not allow scientific questioning and thus cannot really count as science.

This gives me new inspiration to pursue Real Quantum Mechanics as a theory with physical interpretation. Take a look if you don't like incomprehensible chaos and a dictate of "shut up and calculate".

This is a continuation of an earlier more detailed post on Becker's book stimulated by Maudlin's review.

As usual Lubos Motl enters in defence of standard Copenhagen Interpretation and "shut up an calculate" but it is still incomprehensible chaos.

PS The upcoming book Lost in Math by Sabine Hossenfelder gives more evidence of modern physics as incomprehensible chaos.

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