måndag 30 januari 2017

Towards a Model of Atoms

In my search for a realistic atom model I have found the following pieces:
  1. Atom in ground state as harmonic oscillator: 3d free boundary Schrödinger equation: realQM.
  2. Radiating atom as harmonic oscillator with small Abraham-Lorentz damping: previous post and Mathematical Physics of Black Body Radiation.
  3. Radiating atoms in collective resonance with exterior electromagnetic field with acoustic analog: Piano Secret   
which I hope to assemble into a model which can describe:
  • ground states and excited states as solutions of a 3d free boundary Schrödinger equation 
  • emission and absorption of light by collections of atoms in collective in phase resonance with an exterior electromagnetic field generated by oscillating atomic electric charge and associated Abraham-Lorentz damping.   
The key concepts entering into such a model describing in particular matter-light interaction, are:
  • physical deterministic computable 3d continuum model of atom as kernel + electrons
  • electrons as clouds of charge subject to Coulomb and compression forces
  • no conceptual difference between micro and macro
  • no probability, no multi-d 
  • generalised harmonic oscillator
  • small damping from Abraham-Lorentz force from oscillating electro charge
  • near resonant forcing with half period phase shift
  • collective phase coordination by resonance between many atoms and one exterior field. 
Note that matter-light interaction is the scope of Quantum Electro Dynamics or Quantum Field Theory, which are very difficult to understand and use.

What I seek is something which can be understood and which is useful. A model in the spirit of Schrödinger as a deterministic 3d multi-species continuum mechanical wave model of microscopic atoms interacting with macroscopic electromagnetics. I don't see that anything like that is available in the literature within the Copenhagen Interpretation of Bohr or any of its clones...

Schrödinger passed away in 1961 after a life in opposition to Bohr since 1926 when his equation was hijacked, but his spirit lives...

...compare with the following trivial text book picture of atomic radiation in the spirit of Bohr:

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