söndag 13 december 2015

Humanity Saved by Empty COP21 Treaty

The empty treaty (agreement) of COP21 without measurable reductions of CO2 emissions, saves humanity from the threatening disaster of a treaty asking for drastic reductions of CO2 emissions all the way to zero by 2050.

No wonder that the world leaders behind this monumental rescue operation raise there hands under massive ovations from all the people around the world, who can now go back to business.

One thing though: The treaty limits global warming to plus 1.5 C, but says nothing about global cooling. Hopefully that can be fixed in a revision: A limit to minus 0.5 C of global cooling would prevent another Ice Age, and stable global temperatures (and inflation of 2%) has shown to be the right climate for global business (and global happiness).

Another thing: The $100 billion dollars per year of transfer from rich to poor hinted at in the treaty, represents about 0.2% of the world GNP or 1% of China's GNP and thus like the warming of CO2 in the atmosphere, has a non-measurable empty effect.

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  1. Jepp...

    "Earth-hour" är ju redan en återkommande betydelselös drill i mass-suggestion för kreti och pleti.
    Nu har vi tydligen fått nåt nytt...
    en "Earth-fortnight" för det betydelsefullaste folket..