tisdag 24 juni 2014

Obama vs Developing Countries and Refrigerators

Obama revealed to graduates at UC Irvine the reasons behind his climate policy:
  • I’m going to talk about one of the most significant long-term challenges that our country and our planet faces: the growing threat of a rapidly changing climate.
  • Developing countries are using more and more energy, and tens of millions of people are entering the global middle class, and they want to buy cars and refrigerators. 
  •  So if we don’t deal with this problem soon, we’re going to be overwhelmed. These nations have some of the fastest-rising levels of carbon pollution.
Obama seeks support among students to "deal" with the problem of a rapidly growing middle class around the globe demanding refrigerators as a necessary means to improve living standard.

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  1. Hej Claes!
    Jag undrar verkligen vilken åtgärd Obama har i sikte!
    Dikten härnedan - skriven i frustration över bristen på öppen vetenskaplig, journalistisk och politisk debatt - redogör för några tänkbara lösningarna på "problemet".


    Life is a gas – CO2 –
    (And oxygen, of course)
    But to say that it drives the climate
    Puts proverbial cart before horse.

    What Al Gore said in his lecture,
    Unbacked by observable proof,
    Turned out to be pure conjecture –
    An inconvenient truth...

    The ice-core samples from Vostok
    Plotting temperature change over time
    Revealed that in fact CO2 change
    Lags hundreds of years behind.

    Greenland was green when the Vikings
    Settled a millennium ago;
    While Frost Fairs were held on the Thames
    Six centuries later, or so.

    The IPCC used a Mann-made stick
    To flatten this bumpy graph
    To prove to us all – Q.E.D. –
    That this life-giving gas 'ain't no larf!'

    They say, thanks to human endeavour,
    Our carbon footprints expand
    Playing all hell with the weather
    And flooding both ocean and land.

    Once upon a time, CO2
    Was a colourless, non-toxic gas;
    Now: ”an anthropogenic emission”
    On a mission to fry us, en masse.

    The bottom line is that this substance,
    In solid or gaseous form,
    Will turn the world into a greenhouse
    Globally warmer than warm!

    Mass production and consumption
    Took off at the end of the war.
    Despite Kyoto, COPs and Cap'n trade
    CO2 levels continue to soar.

    Fossil fuels, factories and flying machines
    All add their bit to a graph
    That rises each year exponentially
    When it ought to be falling by half.

    The temperature curve, however,
    Just will not play the game:
    Rise, fall, rise for a century
    Then 17 years the same!

    Elaborate computer models
    Are the IPCC's crystal ball
    None of which have predicted
    The recent no-warming-at-all!

    Climate Science is now a religion
    Where AGW is PC
    And the MSM censure everything
    Bar the Gospel of IPCC.

    So worship the great god Consensus,
    Believe what it tells you is Truth;
    Or else you'll be branded Denier
    And your views will be taken as proof!

    High Priest Strong said at Rio –
    Leaving Greens to fill in the gaps –
    ”Isn't the only hope for the planet
    That the industrialised nations collapse?”

    Now that's hardly a secret agenda;
    The Club of Rome endorsed it too:
    ”All we need is the right major crisis...”
    And the scapegoat is – you know who!

    So now parties of all creeds and colours
    Profess to this climate-smart code:
    Nature should be a museum
    Back in pre-industrial mode.

    The Germans have 'Energiewende',
    Swopping nuclear power for coal;
    The Brits import timber from Canada
    To spruce up their CO2 goal.

    The rest of the Greens look to EU
    To tax us all off the map
    Survivors will catch the Royal Virus,
    Prince Philip – jolly old chap!

    Meanwhile, in the real world, the future
    Has billions of new mouths to feed.
    So 'power plants' must be provided
    To supply them with all that they need.

    Electricity and food for all
    Means carbon dioxide, you see,
    In South America, Africa, Asia...
    Rather than just you and me.

    Now 120 parts per million –
    The parts that we’ve added, let’s say –
    Plus a period of gentle warming
    Have made the Earth greener today

    Yet ask any market gardener
    What the Greenhouse Effect means to them
    And they'll tell you that king-sized veggies
    Crave 1200 ppm.

    The more CO2, then, the better;
    Photosynthesis thrives on the stuff.
    So frack up both shale gas and oil;
    Of which there is more than enough.

    And let us pray Global Warming
    Doesn't take a turn for the worse
    As its cousin, Global Cooling,
    Is definitely more of a curse.

    For Climate Change is the default –
    The null-hypothetical state.
    On those that say Man overrides this
    The burden of proof is great.

    For the climate has always been changing;
    Change is here to stay.
    As King Canute showed on the seashore,
    Man cannot keep Nature at bay!

    So, historians, when you review our time
    And our hysterical CO2 Show,
    Remember that Mankind can't be blamed
    For your landscape of ice and snow.

    Kevin Benn