onsdag 7 november 2012

Dover Pushed to Not Publish The Secret of Flight

I took a risk by putting up a post announcing that Dover had approached me through Rochelle Kronzek with a proposal to publish my upcoming book The Secret of Flight.  I was well aware of the risk that Dover could be put under pressure from the aerodynamics community to suppress the book, since the book questions the established thinking of this community, but I did not expect Dover to be overly sensitive. After all it was a "delightful book" that could give Dover good money, in addition to the good money from my finite element book, which I gave away to Dover.

But I was wrong, as evidenced by today's message from Rochelle:
  • Unfortunately, the reviewer feedback that we've received about your project was very negative and my publisher has decided to back away from the project. I'm sorry that "The Secret of Flight" is not a good fit for our list. I wish you every success in finding a suitable publisher for your book manuscript.
We see Rochelle changing from 
  • What an absolutely delightful book, Claes!!  We at Dover are very interested in publishing this work for you and your co-authors when you feel ready to do so. 
  • The Secret of Flight is not a good fit for our list.
I have asked Rochelle to get to see the reviewer feedback and will report. Stay tuned...Scientific publication can be tricky business...What pressure was put on Dover to not publish the book?
What would Dover risk by publishing the book? What was stronger than good money and good service to science? 

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