torsdag 23 juni 2011

The Mathematical Secret of Flight 4

The secret of flight is hidden in the above picture showing the flow separation at the trailing edge of a wing, as explained in detail in the article The Mathematical Secret of Flight and the upcoming book The Secret of Flight.

Mathematical analysis shows that the swirling flow separation shown in the picture results
from an instability of opposing flows meeting behind the trailing edge, and the swirling motion
allows the flow to separate with little retardation requiring high pressure. Instead low pressure
develops inside the swirling flow which does not like high pressure destroy the high lift/suction established on the crest of the wing, while causing only small drag because of the small diameter of the trailing edge.

This is the miracle of flight revealed by mathematical analysis, whether you like it or not in the words of Richard Feynman.

The swirling motion is similar to that used by noble men when backwards leaving the king after an audience; an elegant form of separation without high pressure destruction of what was gained during the meeting.

I have asked Antony Jameson about a comment but not received any response so far.

Compare with 50 ways to leave your lover: The most elegant and thus best way is with a swirling motion avoiding build up of high pressure.

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