måndag 13 juni 2011

Mathematical Secret of Flight 2

Computed turbulent flow velocity around a NACA0012 wing at 15 degrees angle of attack in beginning stall with separation on top of the wing.

An updated version of my talk on June 15 at Svenska Mekanikdagar 2011, is now available for preview as
describing joint work with Johan Hoffman and Johan Jansson.

This work shows that computation of mean values such as lift and drag of an airplane, car or boat can be accurately computed without resolving thin boundary layers. Based on the computations a new mathematical theory for flight is presented which is fundamentally different from that by Kutta-Zhukovsky-Prandtl filling text books. The new flight theory was
first published in Normat 57:4 (2009) as The Mathematical Secret of Flight.

The spell of Prandtl as the father of modern fluid mechanics of attributing both lift and drag as effects of thin boundary layers requiring unreachable quadrillions of mesh points for computational resolution, can thus be broken. This opens a wealth of applications of computational fluid dynamics suddenly reachable with millions of mesh points.

The new theory of flight is presented in Mathematical Simulation Technology, a book which was officially banned by KTH in November 2010, as described in posts on KTH-gate. The reader can act as referee and decide if the ban is motivated from a scientific point of view. The last time a math book was banned was in 1632.

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