lördag 5 februari 2011

Nothing Instead of Something 2

The School of Computer Science and Communication (CSC) at KTH has now decided to stop the new Bachelors program in Simulation Technology (ST) based on BodyandSoul (BS) geared to start in the Fall 2011 with everything in place. Instead a new ST program without a trace of BS is announced to start in the Fall 2012.

The decision to stop ST/BS was taken by a forceful intervention by my collegue Björn Engquist, U of Texas, who does not like BS. The result is that the new ST program will have to be developed from scratch and the substantial investment in ST/BS at CSC will be dumped. Of course this does not matter since the inflow of tax money is stable and tax payers have no insight.

Oh, how it can be that a prof at U of Texas can stop a program which KTH has decided to start?
Why not ask Björn himself or the Dean of CSC Jan Gulliksen.

Oh, why Björn does not like BS? Again ask him.

BS offers a reformed mathematics education for the IT-age: IT-mathematics. BS is thus basically synonymous with ST = IT-mathematics. ST based on standard pre-IT-age mathematics, would not make sense. ST based on IT-mathematics without BS, would require reinvention of BS, which does not make sense either.

But there is a lot in academics which does not make sense.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Det nya programmet ser väl jättebra ut från kursbeskrivningen (din länk)? Är det inte essentiellt detsamma som det tidigare planerade programmet?

  2. Minus allt som relaterar till mitt verk.

  3. Men innehållet blir väl detsamma? Det är väl something och bättre än nothing?

  4. Visst, om man kopierar BS sa blir det samma.