onsdag 15 juli 2009

Interview with NASA

CJNASA presents three incorrect theories of flight 

but no theory claimed to be correct. What is the logic of this presentation? Is the correct theory classified, or is NASA not aware of any correct theory?

NASAAs NASA moves forward, it is paramount that we hear from and respond to you the general public. Weekly, NASA receives thousands of inquiries from the United States and abroad and is committed to providing you with a response as timely as possible. 

NASA believes sharing information with the public increases awareness of and appreciation for our Nation's history and inspires others to get involved in America's space program.  Please visit 
www.nasa.gov to learn more about the exciting work NASA is doing to contribute to America's economic recovery.

You are also encouraged to frequently check 
www.recovery.gov the Web site that empowers Citizens to hold the government accountable for every dollar spent.  NASA, along with every other federal agency is required to provide spending and performance data on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and as required basis. Again, your interest in NASA and America's space program is greatly appreciated.

CJ: This is fine, but what about my question? The only information offered by NASA to an inquiring student or general public is:
  • To truly understand the details of the generation of lift, one has to have a good working knowledge of the Euler Equations.
Is this all NASA can say? What does it mean? 
NASA: ???

CJ: Despite several reminders, NASA refuses to answer. What signal to the general public does this send?

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