tisdag 21 juli 2009

Interview with John D. Anderson: Flight Expert

Interview with John D. Anderson, author of several books on aerodynamics and flight including Introduction to Flight, now Curator of Aerodynamics at the National Air and Space Museum.

CJ: In your book Introduction to Flight you state on page 252:  
  • As Curator of Aerodynamics at the Smithonian's National Air Space Museum the author is frequently asked by visitors how a wing produces lift - a natural and perfectly innocent question. Unfortunately there is no satisfactory one-liner for an answer. Even a single paragraph does not suffice. After a hundred years since the Wright Flyer, different people take different points of view about what is the most fundamental mechanism that produces lift, some pressing their views with almost religious fervor.
Since no scientific consensus is reached, does it mean that nobody including yourself really knows how lift is produced by a wing? A natural and perfectly innocent question, right?


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