onsdag 25 november 2020

From End of Physics to New Beginning

Quanta has a long article on Contemplating the End of Physics addressing the following key questions: 

  1. Has physics reached the limits of what we can discover? 
  2. Or are the possibilities only just beginning? 
It seems that the answer to 1. can be yes in the sense that the small Planck scales of string theory can only be reached with a particle collider of the size of the Universe, thus beyond any comprehension or rationality.

The answer to 2. is also yes, in the sense that digital simulation of physics is just beginning and there the possibilities seem endless. It connects to this idea expressed in the article:
  • The truth is, the realm of the smallest particles is not the only place you can find the fundamental laws of physics. They can also “emerge” out of the collective behavior of many constituents.
What digital simulation can do is exactly this: From simple laws by computation exhibit complex behaviour as emergence of complexity from simplicity. This is The World as Computation

The aspect of simplicity of basic laws and richness of phenomena connects to short computer codes with rich (long) output as a key element algorithmic complexity theory. 

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