torsdag 6 februari 2020

Euler's Dream, Einstein's Ideal and Leibniz' Best Possible of Worlds

DFS Direct Finite Element Simulation offers a veritable breakthrough in Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD in the form of best possible solution of Euler's equations expressing first principle physics in the form of Newton's 2nd Law and incompressibility.

DFS is a realisation of Euler's dream formulated in 1755:
  • All of aero/hydrodynamics is captured in the equations I have formulated, Euler's equations.
DFS is a realisation of Einstein's ideal:
  • Mathematical model of physics without parameters.
DFS closely connects to Leibniz's grand vision:
  • The real world as the best of all possible worlds as the most perfect world being richest in phenomena from simplest laws. 
DFS in particular offers a solution to the problem of computing/simulating/modeling turbulent flow with turbulence as an expression of instability of slightly viscous flow preventing exact conservation of momentum and mass in both physics and computation as the essence of turbulence.

DFS generates turbulent flow as complex phenomena from simple laws and as such is best possible.

Standard CFD in the form of RANS generates simple non-turbulent phenomena from complex laws and as such is the opposite.

A short presentation of the DFS breakthrough is given here with further material on Secret of Flight.

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