tisdag 29 oktober 2019

Why Did Einstein Ask the Wrong Question?

In the recent sequence of posts on Einstein's special theory of relativity SR, I argue that the question posed by Einstein in SR is a question which is incompatible with the Postulate of SR, and that is the reason why SR is filled with paradoxes/contradictions.

The Postulate of SR can be formulated as follows:
  • The propagation of light in given coordinate system $S$ is described by Maxwell's equations expressed in S with given constant speed of light = c. 
The Postulate acknowledges that there are different coordinate systems (rectilinear Euclidean systems) and one may assume, to stay close the Einstein, that they move with constant velocity (without rotation) with respect to each other, as so-called inertial systems. 

An Observer equipped with a coordinate system $S$ and the Postulate of SR as Measuring Apparatus, thus has access to a mathematical model in $S$ of a full world of electro-magnetics including all aspects of light propagation. With this model as Measuring Apparatus the Observer can answer any question about propagation of light in $S$ and thus the world. 

In particular there is no reason for an Observer with coordinate system $S$ and Maxwell's equations in $S$, to ask for a description in a different inertial system $S^\prime$, which is moving with respect to $S$. Why would the Observer do that if $S$ suffices to describe the world? In fact the Observer cannot ask this question, because the Observer has no Measuring Apparatus in $S^\prime$, only in $S$. Of course the Observer may choose a different coordinate system, but then consider Maxwell's equations in that system to be the model.

Yet, this is the question posed by Einstein in SR, a question which Einstein answers by dictating what the Observer will observe in other inertial systems than his own, in the form of the Lorentz transformation. These are not independent observations of light propagation because the Observer has a Measuring Apparatus only in his chosen system, but fabricated observations dictated by the Lorentz transformation. 

To the list of fake-everything today dominating both science, politics and media, we can add Einstein's SR as asking a question, which cannot be asked, and giving an answer which is not based on actual observation but instead is fabricated second hand.  

Why did Einstein pose that question? When? Why did Einstein abandon SR after 1907?

Compare with Many-Minds Relativity asking relevant questions based on the Postulate of SR in the above form.

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