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Spencer Struggles with The Greenhouse Effect and Dragons

Roy Spencer continues his long struggle to convince the world that the Greenhouse Effect as the scientific foundation of CO2 global warming hysteria, is real physics:
  • I’ve had a request to (once again) go through an explanation of the (poorly-named) Greenhouse Effect (GHE). Hopefully there is something which follows that will help you understand this complex subject.
Here is Roy's explanation:
  • The atmosphere DOES absorb IR energy. The IR absorption coefficients at various wavelengths, temperature, and pressures have been measured for water vapor, CO2, etc., in laboratories and published for decades.
  • This absorption means the atmosphere also EMITS IR energy, both upward and downward. And it is that DOWNWARD flow of IR energy (sometimes called “back radiation”) which is necessary for net warming of the surface from the greenhouse effect.
Then Roy reveals the reason behind his irresistible urge to educate the world about the greenhouse effect:
  • (Technical diversion: This is where the Sky Dragon Slayers get tripped up. They claim the colder atmosphere cannot emit IR downward toward a warmer surface below, when in fact all the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics would require is that the NET flow of energy in all forms be from higher temperature to lower temperature. This is still true in my discussion.)
Roy's heavy weapon intended to kill those nasty Sky Dragon Slayers is:
  • You can measure the greenhouse effect yourself with a handheld IR thermometer pointed at the sky, which measures the temperature change caused by a change in downwelling IR radiation. In a clear sky, the indicated temperature pointing straight up (“seeing” higher altitudes) will be colder than if pointed at an angle (measuring lower altitudes). This is direct evidence of the greenhouse effect…changes in downwelling IR change the temperature of a surface (the microbolometer in the handheld IR thermometer). That is the greenhouse effect.
Then Roy shows that he is a humble and open-minded serious scientist: 
  • If I’ve make a mistake in the above, I’ll fix it. I realize some might not like the way I’ve phrased certain things. But I’ve been working in this field over 20 years, and the above is the best I can do in 1-2 hours time....you will find it is a complex subject, indeed.
And yes Roy,  you make a mistake by uncritically accepting a reading of a hand-held IR-thermometer, which being a thermometer measures temperature, as evidence of the reality of downward IR. You can read about your mistake under the category "pyrgeometer" including the following key posts:
And so Roy, what is your reaction to the evidence I present?

PS Roy appears to filter my comment to his post with a link to the above. Of course, it is Roy's responsibility to guarantee that his readers and users/buyers (not to speak of manufacturers such as  Kipp&Zonen) of hand-held IR-thermometers, are not reached by disturbing information: Nobody wants to get told that the reading of a thermometer is temperature, since that is so evident to anyone with slightest education in science. In particular, Roy does not want to get told that he has been cheated by Kipp&Zonen in believing that the thermometer he bought measures Downwelling Longwave Radiation (DLR) and not temperature , and accordingly will no respond to my question. Under the choice of saying something (and revealing ignorance), and saying nothing (only indicating ignorance), Roy chooses to say nothing. But nothing is nothing.

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  1. The ability to measure downwelling IR have absolute nothing to do with the end result of all the energy transfers in the system. On my bank statment i can se money comming in but without my expences i will not be able to calculate my money correctly.
    So why does people automatically add downward fluxes and say they must heat the surface?
    There are an automatic assumption that all energy must be absorbed. Planck tells us that absorbsion not nesseserly means more heat.

  2. The atmosphere sure radiates IR down to earth. They are reflected and not absorbed as the earth already has the same range of wavelengths in its own radiating repertoire. The temperature of the object sets the limit for how short wavelengths it can radiate. Only if it receive wavelengths of higher frequency than it radiates on it own they are absorbed. The energy is used to increase the objects temperature and thereby allow it to be able to radiate wavelengths than it could before.

  3. There is a new book just out: "Radiative Heat Flow and the Greenhouse Effect" Kindle Edition by William Kemp. It shows that the greenhouse effect does not exist.

  4. "For a wall filled with a solid material the heat flow is by conduction and is described by Fourier’s Law after Joseph Fourier (1768-1830). Fourier is often credited with coming up with the “Greenhouse Theory.” In doing so he forgot one importance concept of heat flow. He forgot Fourier’s law. The equation below describes Fourier’s Law. 𝑄𝑄 = 𝜅𝜅𝜅𝜅(𝑇𝑇1−𝑇𝑇2) 𝐷𝐷 (1.2" [Kemp, William. Radiative Heat Flow and the Greenhouse Effect (p. 9). Kindle Edition.]