tisdag 17 mars 2015

Phlogiston Theory vs Radiation Theory with Back Radiation

Phlogiston theory and radiation theory with "back radiation" shares a common theme: Both describe  phenomena taking place as if in a vacuum, without input from the actual environment:

Phlogiston theory states that a phlogistated substance burns by consumption of phlogistons (or "fire elements") inside the substance in a process of dephlogistication without input from the environment, as if taking place in a vacuum. 

Radiation theory with back radiation states that all bodies of modest temperatures radiate infrared photons (or "light elements") out of the body independent of the temperature of the surrounding environment, as if taking place in a vacuum.  

Phlogistons have never been identified and observed, and neither have infrared photons. Both are elements believed to be hiding inside a substance capable of escaping into a surrounding vacuum.

For an earlier post on phlogistons and infrared photons, see here.

PS You can buy an infrared detector like an infrared camera reacting to infrared light. Is an infrared camera a collector of infrared photons, like a butterfly net collecting butterflies flying through the air?

No. A cooled infrared camera absorbs heat energy from a warmer object and an uncooled infrared camera emits heat energy to a cooler object. In neither case does the camera collect a nominal flow of "light elements" supposedly being emitted by an object into a surrounding vacuum. Compare with previous posts under category "infrared thermometer".

You can use your on body as detector of a colder or warmer environment than your skin, by noticing a feeling of being cooled or heated, but your perceived sensation is not evidence of  "infrared photons" flying in and out of your body.

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  1. "and neither has infrared photons"

    You need to update yourself.

    If you search for single infrared photon detectors on google scholars you get almost 3500 hits, this year... (168000 for all time).

    Some of the hits are near-infrared, but many of them treats single infrared photon detectors.

  2. Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.

  3. Any detector functions by absorbing or emitting energy and thus changing state. It is the net energy transfer that can be measured. If you from net transfer construct artificially the net as as a difference in-out then you are constructing an illusion without experimental support. You can do that but then you are fooling yourself and maybe even the world.