onsdag 3 juli 2013

Quantum Contradictions 1

The Mystery of the Quantum World by Euan Squires presents contradictions troubling quantum mechanics, which have never been resolved despite intense efforts by sharp minds over nearly 100 years. The contradictions arise from an insistence to (i) choose a Linear Scalar MultiD Schrödinger Wave Equation as the basic mathematical model, and then (ii) as a consequence give wave function solutions a statistical interpretation as probabilities of particle configurations, together referred to as the Copenhagen Interpretation (CI) of Bohr, Born and Heisenberg.

In mathematics, one contradiction leads to infinitely many contradictions and accordingly CI is loaded with contradictions or mysteries (see also Inconsistency of the CI by C. Stuart):
  1. Statistics on microscopic scales requires microscopics of microscopics, which is contradictory.
  2. CI is focussed on what physicist can observe and measure and leaves out the essence of microscopic physics, namely what makes atoms and molecules behave the way they do, without being observed or measured. 
  3. CI includes "collapse of the wave function" upon observation, as a mystery without explanation.
  4. CI includes action at distance beyond Coulomb forces named "entanglement", as a mystery without explanation. 
  5. CI as a multiD model is uncomputable and thus of no real scientific value. 
  6. CI is not a model of reality and as such is more of pseudo-physics than physics.      
All these contradictions and mysteries would disappear if the Linear Scalar MultiD Schrödinger Wave Equation was replaced by a suitable system of non-linear scalar wave equations in 3 space dimensions, e.g. the Hartree model of Many-Minds Quantum Mechanics. This would offer computable models allowing computational observation without the interference resulting from physical observation connecting the observer to the observed into the mess of CI. 

The biggest mystery is thus how the the Linear Scalar MultiD Schrödinger Wave Equation has been able to survive as the basic model of the microscopic world.  

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