lördag 29 juni 2013

The Linear Scalar MultiD Schrödinger Equation as Pseudo-Science

If we are still going to put up with these damn quantum jumps, I am sorry that I ever had anything to do with quantum theory. (Erwin Schrödinger)

The pillars of modern physics are quantum mechanics and relativity theory, which both however are generally acknowledged to be fundamentally mysterious and incomprehensible to even the sharpest minds and thus gives modern physics a shaky foundation. The mystery is so deep that it has been twisted into a virtue with the hype of string theory representing maximal mystery.

The basic trouble with quantum mechanics is its multi-dimensional wave function solution depending on 3N space coordinates for an atom with N electrons,  as solution to the linear scalar multi-dimensional Schrödinger equation, which cannot be given a real physical meaning because reality has only 3 space coordinates.

The way out to save the linear scalar multidimensional Schrödinger equation, which was viewed to be a gift by God and as such was untouchable, was to give the multidimensional wave function an  interpretation as the probability of the N-particle configuration given by the 3N coordinates. Quantum mechanics based on the linear scalar Schrödinger equation was thus rescued at the cost of making the microscopic atomistic world into a game of roulette asking for microscopics of microscopics as contradictory reduction in absurdum.

But God does not write down the equations describing the physics of His Creation, only human minds and if insistence on a linear scalar (multidimensional) Schrödinger wave equation leads to contradiction, the only rational scientific attitude would be to search for an alternative, most naturally as a system of non-linear wave equations in 3 space dimensions, which can be given a deterministic physical meaning. There are many possibilities and one of them is explored as Many-Minds Quantum Mechanics in the spirit of Hartree.

It is well known that macroscopic mechanics including planetary mechanics is not linear, and there is no reason to expect that atomistic physics is linear and allows superposition. There is no rational reason to view the linear scalar multiD Schrödinger equation as the basis of atomistic physics (other than as a gift by God which cannot be questioned), and physics without rational reason is unreasonable and thus may represent pseudo-science.

The linear scalar multiD Schrödinger equation with an incredibly rich space of solutions beyond reason, requires drastic restrictions to represent anything like real physics.  Seemingly out of the blue, physicists  have come to agree that God can play only with fully symmetric (bosons) or antisymmetric (fermions) wave functions with the Pauli Exclusion Principle as a further restriction. But nobody has been able to come with any rational reasons for the restrictions to symmetry, antisymmetry and exclusion. According to Leibniz Principle of Sufficient Reason, this makes these restrictions into ad hoc pseudo-science.  

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