lördag 22 september 2012

AIAA Lift Theory Contradicted by NASA

The generation of lift of an airfoil is described in Introduction to Aeronautics: A Design Perspective in AIAA Education Series with support of the above pictures, as follows:
  • As the flow moves downstream, the orientation of the airfoil causes more of an obstruction to the flow above it than it does to the flow below it. This obstruction to the flow causes the stream tube above the airfoil to be constricted. 

We see that AIAA and NASA present contradictory information about the most central problem of aeronautics: generation of lift by a wing. Notice also the unphysical high pressure at the trailing edge on the upper right picture.

This is yet another illustration of the complete collapse of aeronautics education fostered by AIAA, making it possible to reject the New Theory of Flight without real scientific evaluation.

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