tisdag 12 juli 2011

Why Prandtl Was Wrong 4

Lift and drag of a NACA0012 wing in computation by Unicorn and experiment.

We have asked if it is possible to check if drag and lift of a body moving through a fluid originate from a thin boundary layer which separates from the body surface into the fluid, as is the mantra of Ludwig Prandtl, the father of modern fluid mechanics, formulated in an 8 page note in 1904.

To check in experiment is cumbersome because the viscosity of a real fluid is never exactly zero and thus it can be argued that no real fluid can satisfy a slip boundary condition with zero skin friction without any boundary layer.

But to check in computation is perfectly possible: just set the skin friction to zero in a Navier-Stokes code, that is use a slip boundary condition and see what happpens. Will drag and lift develop in accordance with observation in solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations with slip
without boundary layers?

Yes! Computations without boundary layer give correct drag and lift!

The conclusion is inevitable:
  • Prandtl was wrong: Drag and lift do not originate from boundary layers.
  • Prandtl's scenario of fluid separation is incorrect.
  • The mantra of modern fluid mechanics is incorrect.
For further details see the new article Analysis of Separation in Turbulent Incompressible Flow which exhibits a scenario of fluid separation which is fundamentally different from that of Prandtl and which is supported by mathematical analysis, computation and observation.

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